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Talk at Education University of Hong Kong: 
"Using symbols to discover career paths"

Athen Chung, play therapist supervisor and Assistant Course Director of Academy of Play and Child Pschotherapy, visited The Education University of Hong Kong to share her experiences and insights in the pursuit of children's psychological well-being. The lecture took an interactive approach, explaining how to use symbols to explore individual qualities and identify a suitable career path for our young audiences.


We are very grateful to The Education University of Hong Kong (@EDUHK) Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education for the invitation, providing us with this valuable opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with students majoring in Psychology, Special Education Needs, and Creative Arts and Culture.


Athen also shared different stories from her journey in play therapy, sparking students’ sense of care, empathy, understanding, and appreciation for children. inspired students to develop the skills, attitudes, and values needed in their future careers.


Working in the psychological profession is an internal to external process, starting with our care for others, to equipping ourselves with adequate and appropriate knowledge and skills. This reflects that the individuals we serve daily are not just a set of symptoms or behaviors to improve but as whole and complete human beings.

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