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Can’t the children come? We will try best to come because…each person is equally precious.

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Counselling Service is available to any person who may prefer talk therapy. Most of our therapists hold a Degree in Master of Counselling who are trained with counseling skills as their foundation. The scope of counseling service can be extended from individuals to couple or family. 




We provide talks and seminars on topics such as:

·Establishing love and secure bonding between parents and infants

·Understanding the curiosity and exploration stage during infancy

·Learning in play and daily living

·Promotion of happy growth and healthy development in children (for normal children as well as children with special education needs)

·Expanding beyond children’s own potential

·Introducing Play Therapy and its clinical application

·Introducing Filial Therapy and its clinical application

Giving a Speech



His (6 years old) paintings are always in black, there’s a man with sharp teeth hidden in the drawing.

He (7 years old) says there are rodents and snakes in the cave. He’s constantly sealing the cave to prevent them from coming out.

She (8 years old) says she’s frightened of the people here so she has to keep running to escape.


The things that we do not understand are often disguised into monsters that frighten us and cause us to be anxious, sad and emotional swings. Creative Arts and Play Therapy can help us to combat these monsters and dissolve these negative energies within us.

We are born to play, draw and make sounds. These natural languages of humans connect seamlessly with the feelings and strengths inside each one of us. Developed by sound psychologists, play, and creative arts therapy is proven evidently to enable a positive change. Through the therapeutic process, participants will be able to come to terms with their inner feelings and resolve their psycho-social and emotional issues through the process. Children will be able to find their inner resources to manage their problems. This inner power of theirs will bring forward positivity to connect them with their social surroundings.​


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