Sweet Home Psychological Wellness Centre Limited is a self-financing non-profit organization. With our passion and efforts, through the use of play and creative arts therapy and other psychotherapy counseling service, we strive to bring out the positive energy in children to build their psychological wellbeing.

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Play and creative arts therapists are governed by UK’s Professional Standards Authority.

Psychotherapy counseling service is provided by the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association Certified Counsellors.

Personality analysis is conducted by Personality Dimensions (PD) model Level I approved analyst.

Children with financial difficulties can apply for a reduction in fees.

Educators point out that:

Positive emotion...

  Enables focus

  Increases attention span

  Enables empathy and understanding

  Improves problem-solving skills

  Improves learning efficiency

We strive to foster this fundamental emotional positivity for learning.


enables capabilities

There is a " talent tent " in each of us where our inner resources reside. Allow this " tent " to grow in children and see their potential to expand into wonders.

Wow, my universe is immense!

Psychologists have proven that play and creative arts therapy can dissolve negative blockages of one's hidden potentials.

Unleash your potential

Live out the best in you!


Sweet Home is a not-for-profit organization. With our passion and efforts, through the use of Play and Creative Arts Therapy, and together with other psychological and counselling services, we strive to bring out the positive energy in children to nourish their body mind and soul.


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